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Jean MacLean B.A. Professional Astrologer. Eastbourne, East Sussex

I am an experienced astrologer, of over 40 years of practice, interpreting birth charts and giving readings. And I’m a qualified teacher, with a wide range of experience, teaching in schools and further education until my retirement. Now I am able to devote myself, full time, to birth chart readings, consultations and research. And using my teaching skills and experience, to teach astrology to either new learners, or those who want to develop  their knowledge further.

Astrology Birth Chart Readings. East Sussex / UK / Worldwide

We are living through an intense time of accelerated change, creating shifts in consciousness.

This new, expressive energy is seeing a breakdown of old institutions, across the planet.

Our familiar way of life, is changing rapidly and we are seeking to establish a way forward.

On an individual level, we have a choice, to realise and discover, our potential and skills. A birth chart reading, is an opening, to one’s self empowerment and awareness. It will enable you, to connect with your inner and often undiscovered strengths. From then onwards, your life journey can unfold, with you hopefully taking charge of the directions you would like to take.

The many areas of ones life, including relationships, career, finance and health, can be looked at and explored.

Unlock your potential with a reading and interpretation of your Birth Chart

Birth Chart Readings

Future Trends

Consultations via Zoom or Skype

The time of your birth reveals which sign of the Zodiac, was on the Eastern horizon, when you were born. This is the Ascendant / Rising Sign. This along with your Sun and Moon, forms the trilogy, the three pillars, which integrate your birth chart energies.

For the birth chart reading, I need your  Date of Birth.   Time of Birth.   Place of Birth.

If you don’t know your time of birth, I use midday 12.00

Please read through my website and make a choice about which service you require and contact me.
07717 130 901   Thank you.



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Moon in Cancer

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Moon is traveling through Cancer today. Beware of mood swings. Cook some soul food. Cuddle up with someone.

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Skype Sessions Available

Skype Sessions Available