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I’ve recently had a reading with Jean and was so impressed at the detail and her level of knowledge. It was as if Jean knew me, as the understanding of my nature, was so accurate. Key points, dates and timings were pointed out and summarised, along with a much more comprehensive, in depth reading. Guidance was felt in all areas. The nicest part of the reading, was that it was a two way conversation, and points were looked at in further detail and clarified. I found Jean so friendly, welcoming and easy to talk to. Someone who truly knows their subject and makes people feel very ease. I fully recommend Jean’s services and will be back again soon. Thanks Jean.

Tracy. Eastbourne.

The complications with my relationship became clearer, with a synastry reading. I wish I had this reading earlier.

Sadie. Santa Monica.

Thank you for my daughter’s birth chart reading. Very accurate. It is good for us to know, as her parents, and for herself. A very informative reading and I hope she uses it well.

Marika. London.

We received the chart and it was absolutely spot on ! My daughter says it has helped her a lot in understanding her past year. She and all of us, were delighted with the chart, and it’s accuracy.

Ros. Sussex.

Thank you for my niece’s chart. It looks lovely in the presentation folder and gives great insights. We can’t wait for her to read it when she’s older. The perfect 1st birthday present.

Becca. Leicestershire.

Thank you for your wisdom. I don’t feel so powerless and can see a way forward. Thank you again.

Kathryn. East Sussex.

The reading with Jean marked a turning point for me. It gave me confidence to pursue the direction I wanted to. I can highly recommend Jean’s accuracy and clarity in her interpretation of a birth chart. Thank you Jean.

Cathy. Newhaven.

I’m so glad that I found Jean via her website. The reading I had with her was accurate and insightful. She has an amazing ability to communicate and understand you as an individual. This is very reassuring, when covering something so personal as your birth chart. She has inspired me so much that I am now having astrology tuition with her. And she is a brilliant teacher, an intelligent approachable lady who really knows her subject.  Highly recommended. 

Maria. Heathfield.

Jean is a very knowledgeable and intuitive astrologer. Her warm and friendly manner puts you at ease, and she explains your chart in a clear ‘non jargon’ manner. She also provides notes for you to take away. I highly recommend her.

Kaye. Hastings.

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for the reading. It’s been deeply insightful and has given me so much more focus and faith that I’m on the right path. I have since realised that my logical brain and my love for yoga, meditation and health can co-exist to further help people. I can say that my journey is aligned with my goals and intentions now. 

Rhian. West Sussex

When Jean talked me through my birth chart, it gave me such an insight, into why I react and feel in certain ways, in so many situations. Everything she said , related to me and the session has helped me reconnect a bit to myself. I wanted to feel more grounded and centred after a few tricky years.  And the reading certainly assisted with that. Thank you Jean. I’ll certainly be back.

Kirsty. Lewes. East Sussex

I have always been interested in astrology and started studying before I moved to England in 2010. I discovered Jean through her website while looking for a local astrologer. I went for a reading and found her very welcoming. And I was inspired to start my studies again.

Now I am receiving tuition from Jean and learning much about chart readings and the planets…..thank you Jean

Norah. Eastbourne

“Speaking with Jean was a fascinating experience. She had known nothing about me, so hearing her read my birth chart and describe so much of my character and what is currently going on in my life, was just amazing !

Jean is very knowledgable and clear in her explanations. I also liked her positive outlook and encouragement of my talents, abilities and tendencies. I felt our conversation reaffirmed my chosen path in life.”

Leonora. London

“Inspirational reading. Gave me hope. “

Jane. Eastbourne

“Jean has a natural, intuitive ability allied to decades of experience. She gave a personal and powerful way forward, to understand what is going on in my life. And how to navigate through the changes.”

John. Brighton

“Insightful reading of my natal chart and transits, delivered in a supportive and caring way.”

Penny. Lewes

“Jean did a forecast for my son, as he left to travel abroad on his 21st birthday. I was very anxious but the forecast was positive. And as it turned out, he had a great time. Many of the events occurred with a few exceptions. I can thoroughly recommend Jean as an astrologer and will definitely be using her again.”

Karen. Eastbourne

“Well, that was spot on ! How did you get that ? Amazing. “

Anne. Eastbourne

“It helped so much having my transits read by Jean with me in the process of recovery from a serious illness. It gave me much more understanding of what is going on and much hope. I am so grateful. “

Sheena. Orpington

I have had an amazing welcome and very inspiring birth chart reading from Jean. Through her reading, I have found completely new possibilities for my self realisation and fulfilment of my potential. Everything just fell into place and Jean turned even my weaker traits, into direction for strengths. I feel I have much to offer the world and am actually a special human being. Thank you Jean. I am recommending your great service to everyone.’

B. Jones from Bexhill

Great reading. It explains a lot about the work I do, both now and before. Thank you Jean.

Monica. East Sussex

Fantastic reading of my chart. My life now makes much more sense ! Thank you.

Arlene. Eastbourne

It’s me to a tee ! And it’s made me think about the way I make my decisions. Glad to know it’s just the way I am. I am me ! Thank you.

Helen, Maidstone

Wow, it was pretty amazing and dead on. I didn’t realise I had so much energy in one spot !

Dalissa, Brooklyn, New York

You were spot on with the Jupiter transit for July and August 2012. I look forward to seeing how this year unfolds.


I had my birth chart drawn up by Jean and a face to face meeting where she went through it with me, explaining what it all meant. Absolutely brilliant and it was me to a T ! Jean’s lovely warm manner and sense of fun made it a very enjoyable experience.

Cathy. Margate

Thank you for your time. Your vision and amazing talent have made me think quite a lot. Blessings.

Emma. Herne Bay

Jean did two birth charts for me. One for myself and the other for my little grand daughter who was 15 months old at the time.The essence of this little special Leo girl was laid out in a detailed chart full of promise. This is something her parents can refer to as her life unfurls.

My own chart showed my life clearly in its strengths and weaknesses. The birth chart has given me guidance and awareness on how to use the different aspects and strengths of myself in the times that lies ahead.

Sandra Hill. Whitstable

Thank you very much. I loved the chart. BANG on. Gave me lots of food for thought.

Ed. Gravesend

A very in depth and insightful reading. I was particular impressed with the level of accuracy and how thoroughly each element of the chart was explained. Highly recommended and they also make wonderful gifts!

L.Matuszczak. London



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