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Qualified Astrologer living in East Sussex available for Birth Chart Readings

I was born and grew up in Somerset. From an early age, I was star gazing ! My father taking me outside, on clear nights, to look in wonder, at the magic of those starlit heavens. He taught me the names of many star groups and constellations, along with the associated myths and legends.glastonbury We would discuss and imagine, what it would be like to visit those planets ! All these experiences were to become an inner reality for me, leading to my study of astrology.

I qualified as a teacher and started teaching in state schools. I also taught in further education for five years.

The book, ‘The Compleat Astrologer’, by Derek and Julia Parker, was given to me as a gift and that was the start of my astrology journey.

I read, I studied, I learnt. I attended workshops and courses, some facilitated by Liz Greene and Jonathan Cainer. Friends and family wanted chart readings and I had a good flow of clients.

An invaluable source was a monthly meetup of astrologers, I organised in Rochester.

Later, living in Whitstable, I organised two spiritual festivals, Lightwaves 2011 and Lightwaves 2012.

Astrology Birth Chart Readings in East Sussex

And Now ?

I am now living in Eastbourne, East Sussex, where I have set up the South Downs Astrology Group. We astrologers, meet monthly and explore in depth, our chosen topic.

birth chart readings eastbourneRegular birth chart readings for new clients, keep me focused and these are sometimes via Skype, as well as face to face or emails.

I am researching the links between the birth charts of family members and the synchronicity of connections through the generations. Talks from astrologers in Brighton, including Tad Mann, have opened up new avenues too.

A new depth to my astrological development has been a course in Astronomy at Herstmonceaux Observatories. I have focused on the physical Universe, learning so much about the Planets and new discoveries that defy imagination.

Astrology Readings in Person or via Skype

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