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Donald Trump Birth Chart Horoscope

Donald Trump Birth Chart Horoscope

This is the birth chart for Donald Trump, a man with determination, inspiration and much spontaneous energy !

Love him or hate him, you can’t help sit up and take notice of his natal chart !

I have chosen to look at his Sun, Moon and Ascendant. The three pillars of the chart.

His Sun is in Gemini, in the 10th House, the house of status, ambition, responsibility and achievement. It suggests a ‘fast talker’ and someone who may well contradict themselves.

This Sun placement indicates a born communicator in the public arena. Many eminent people, in powerful positions, have Sun in the 10th House including the Queen.

The Sun is also conjunct Uranus, the planet connected with technology and social media.

Much of Donald Trump’s communication comes through this. It also indicates some eccentric, unpredictability in leadership !

His natal Moon falls in Sagittarius. The Moon represents our inner nature and emotions.

Being in Sagittarius, there can be outbursts of unrestrained emotion, maybe even reckless statements. This comes from a natural warmth and spontaneity which needs checking at times when diplomacy would fare better !

Finally I come to his Ascendant, the sign on The Eastern Horizon when he was born.

The Ascendant also governs our appearance. With his Leo the Lion Ascendant, his unruly mane of yellow hair couldn’t be more apt !

The Lion likes to be in charge and is very powerful in essence. Even roar over his world !

It also indicates a large and dominant ego which is certainly being used to its best advantage.

Before I conclude, it is worth mentioning the placement of Mars in Leo also. And conjunct his Ascendant. This can only be a man of spontaneous action and determination but also lacking caution and self reflection.

There are some controversial and lively times ahead with this President. I’ll keep you posted !

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